The simple ways to treat the frequent urination

One of the most annoying health conditions is when you’ve got the frequent urination, especially if you are so busy or simply it’s in the middle of the night when you’re supposed to sleep. This condition could affect you whether in the day or night. In order to help you solve this health problem, the best urologist in bangalore is more than happy to share with you on the simple ways to treat the frequent urination.

Here are the easy tips that you need to know :

1. Be careful on what you eat

There are several foods that could cause the irritation on your bladder. In the end, it will affect the urination system. The food like chocolate, spicy food, caffeine, and tomato is basically proven to have the effect on your bladder. It’d be the best for you to reduce your consumption of those foods. At the same time, make sure to consume the foods that contain fiber in the large amount, that’s because of constipation could cause the bladder to be hyperactive.

2. The liquid consumption

It’s essential to drink 8-10 glasses of water every single day. However, you also have to understand that you can’t consume the water too much. This will cause the frequent urination. You need to choose the drinks with the right liquid. Avoid the soda, coffee, and alcohols.

3. Yogurt

Consuming the fresh yoghurt every day could save yourself from the urge to walk back and forth to the toilet. The anti-bacteria nature of the yoghurt will prevent the bacteria growth and also help to resist the infection.

4. The Kegel exercise

The kegel exercise is able to treat frequent urination. Sit down in the kneeling position and tighten your pelvis muscles. Pull the muscle on the count of three and then loosen the muscle slowly. Do this several times and increase the amount of its set gradually. This will help to strengthen the pelvis muscle and give you the better control on your bladder.

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