How Dental Sealant Work

Dental sealants are thin plastic layer attached to the tooth surface to protect teeth from decay. Liquid tooth fillings usually installed in molars and molars little to prevent infection of the tooth/teeth caries in the gap, which is a hiding place for cavities. Plaque is more easily accumulate on the back teeth because it was hidden so as not protected by fluoride and saliva. Once the patch is affixed to the teeth, the layer will blend with teeth grooves and create a shield on each tooth. You can visit Dr. Kenneth l fong dds to install and handled by professionals.

Small molars and molars are particularly vulnerable to the hole, caries, and damage because it is difficult to reach by brush and dental floss. They are also very susceptible to plaque because it is difficult to reach by means of cleaning the teeth. Liquid tooth fillings to keep leftover food does not get into the cracks and holes on the back teeth. Due to its protective function, these liquid fillings are often regarded as one of the basic components of dental hygiene. Liquid tooth fillings are also helpful in dealing with injuries caused by dental caries.

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