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What to Know about Dental Implant?

Dental implants have functional and aesthetic benefits, in which the function of mastication of patients can be perfected and also restore the patient becomes more captivating smile with teeth similar to the original tooth. The dental implants Salem Oregon are also more rigid and stable so that seems more natural and have better bite force.

Although relatively safe, patients must meet the requirements set, including bones and teeth of the patient which should be thick enough, for patients who have lost teeth longer than shrinking and thinning bones. For patients like this, then it should be done through the addition of previous bone grafting method. Special to gear up sometime within the bone and the maxillary sinus is very thin so in need of a sinus lifting operation so that the dental implant does not penetrate and damage the mucosa of the maxillary sinus. Materials made of titanium dental implants, or metal that is biocompatible, which means when the material is put into a bone, then the body does not react rejection.