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Besides using a standard tool and chemical for cleaning a glass window, the proper cleaning is also required to be taken into consideration in order to make a perfect home window cleaning. When you do cleaning with improper ways, it will be possible to make a scratch on your home glass window surface. Indeed it will make your home windows become damaged. If you are looking for the best home window repair Phoenix, you can contact the superior glass, which is known as the leading windows repair company in Arizona, the United States.

The glass window is very vulnerable to be scratched when it is cleaned. Therefore, cleaning the glass window with proper ways is needed in order to avoid scratching the glass window. Here are proper ways to clean the home glass window:

1. Start cleaning the glass from indoor side.
Starting to clean the window from the inside of the window, and then gets the outside of glass window. The outside of the window is often dirtier than the inside of the window. Put a cloth under the window to avoid the floor of becoming dirty caused by the water drop which falls from the window.

2.Read the use procedure of the product or chemical
When you use the chemical to clean the glass window, it is important to read the use procedure in order to make sure that you do the proper cleaning or treatment on your glass window. Sometimes, people get their glass window becomes blurred after improper use of the chemical.

3.Clean the glass window
After you read the procedure, you can clean the glass window. Spray the glass window with the chemical smoothly. Then, swipe it with the squeegee. You can swipe the window from the upper part of the glass to the lower part or from the right side to the left side. Use the standard tools to avoid the scratches.