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The Danger of Drug That You Should Know

You could say, drugs are destructive. With overuse, the dangers of drugs are very visible to the body. It helps you avoid drugs before they’ve had to try and finally addiction. Take care of yourself as best as possible when hanging out with your friends. If you find your friends who are addicted, you can invite them to do a California drug rehab at Kool Living Recovery Center.

Here are three dangers of drugs most terrible and you shall know:

1. Damaging respiratory system
Smoke from a drug such as cannabis is composed of a wide range of toxic chemicals that can irritate the lungs. If frequent inhaling smoke from drugs, the risk is becoming short of breath, cough, bronchitis and lung infections higher rate of chronic. The smoke contains carcinogens, which could increase the risk of lung cancer.

2. Destructive circulatory system
Hazardous chemicals compound in the drug can move from the lungs into the bloodstream and throughout the body. Within a few minutes, your heart rate will go up dramatically. The dangers of drugs can increase the risk of heart attack significantly. In addition, those who use drugs are usually also synonymous with a red eye. This is because the blood vessels in the eyes widen.

3. Causes central nervous system disorders
It did not take long for chemical compounds carried by the bloodstream to the brain and other organs. If it falls into the brain, THC drug or chemical compounds it releases dopamine in large numbers. This causes users to feel calmer, more comfortable or commonly called the ‘high’ or ‘fly’. In this phase, the user can not think clearly because of the disruption of the digestive process information. In addition, users will also be difficult to establish or remember something while it is ‘high’. The dangers of drugs in disrupting the nerves can also cause users to experience seizures, hallucinations until he lost consciousness.