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Types of tummy tuck

When talking about plastic surgery, we can think about the tummy tuck. Tummy tuck has been a popular plastic surgery which attracts much concern for many surgeons, including Michele A Shermak MD. The tummy tuck surgery, however, will make your belly become looks appealing without sagging. But, do you know about tummy tuck surgery? Here are some types of tummy tuck that you need to know:

1. Minor tummy tuck

The minor tuck is known as a mini tummy tuck in which the surgeon will stretch the skin and tissues of the abdomen below the navel to fix a lower stomach bulge. This choice is beneficial for patients who still possess the upper belly is considerably stable and smooth.

2. Major tummy tuck

The major tummy tuck is in contast with the full tummy tuck. The procedure of this surgery is to tighten almost all of the belly’s area. This choice is beneficial for patients who want the improvement for the shape of their abdomen, especially for those who have just given childbirth.

3. Rounded tummy tuck

This type of plastic surgery can also be called as lipectomy belt, for the cut cut can enlarge to the lower belly in which the surgeon will strengthen the muscles or tissue of the belly. This type of plastic surgery is the alternative for the patient who has completed the weight-loss program.

4. Panniculectomy

This type of plastic surgery has the different procedure than the previous types of surgery. Panniculectomy is done by removing the excess fat in the body including the saggy skin. This type of plastic surgery can be the best choice for you who have experienced the weight loss.

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