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Who is clerk ?

For some people who never attend or go to the court, they will be confused if asked about clerk. Who is clerk? It is the first question that will come out of their mouth when they hear the ‘clerk’ word. Maybe, it is because the clerk of courts does not sit near with judges and not facing the audience. Clerk of courts is the person who is responsible for overseeing the administration on the court. They do not only record every process in court but they also bring all files are relating to the court. Maybe, it looks easy and convenient but in fact it is not. If there is a missing file or all files are not completed, it is the responsibility of the clerk and they can get a lawsuit if they make a fatal mistake in a case. They work could determine the process in court success or not. Even they do work properly, they do not get a reward or appreciation from people because people only know if the judge is the ultimate authority in court.

Usually, people will use the service from clerk if they have a case with someone and it has been up in court. We have to know their responsibility in court because they are different with the attorney. They can not defend either party in court because they are neutral there. They are only following the instruction from the judge and they can avoid it. If the clerk defends one party in court, they would not be able to follow the process in court anymore but they can bring the evidence of one party with the permission of the judge. If we want to use the service from the clerk, we have to see the benefits of it because sometimes, we do not know what they work for their customers.